Scott Brady, and a small team of adventurers will travel from the Arctic Ocean to the Southern Ocean, traversing a total of 31,000 miles in three segments.

Arctic Ocean: Segment One (complete)
The expedition to the Arctic has been successfully completed, exposing the team to temperatures as low as -57F during the winter journey to Tuktoyaktuk, including driving on hundreds of miles of the frozen Mackenzie and Peel Rivers to reach the end of earth, even driving beyond land onto the frozen Ocean. The media collected from segment one has been widely praised, and has been used in print ads, commercials and in various television projects. Editorial from the expedition has been featured in Forbes magazine, Overland Journal and others.

Central America: Segment Two

The expedition team leaves for Central America in February of 2009, and will travel along the western coastline of Mexico, we will explore the foothills of Copper Canyon and the rich colonial cities before turning east towards the jungles and the remote, muddy tracks in the Yucatan and Belize. The team will explore newly discovered Mayan sites in Guatemala and travel several routes not documented since the Camel Trophy. Continuing south, we will cross into Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, before completing the final 140 miles of dirt roads to the Darien Gap.

South America: Segment Three
In winter of 2009, the trucks will be shipped from Panama to Colombia, and the start of our South America expedition. The first goal is reaching the northern most point of South America, located on Colombia's Punta Gallinas. The adventure will then turn south and cross through Peru, Bolivia's Altiplano and travel to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Iguacu Falls. The team will travel from the jungle to the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, and along the Andes to Patagonia, before reaching the southern most vehicle accessible point in the world, Tierra del Fuego. From Ushuaia, we will travel by research vessel to the least visited, and most sparsely inhabited continent - Antarctica.