The expedition team leaves for Central America in February of 2009, and will travel along the western coastline of Mexico, we will explore the foothills of Copper Canyon and the rich colonial cities before turning east towards the jungles and the remote, muddy tracks in the Yucatan and Belize. The team will explore newly discovered Mayan sites in Guatemala and travel several routes not documented since the Camel Trophy. Continuing south, we will cross into Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, before completing the final 140 miles of dirt roads to the Darien Gap.

Travel Itinerary (Rev. 2.0)

Tentative Route Plan and Schedule:
2/6: Packing and modifications to Jeeps
2/9: Final Packing and logistics/documentation review
2/10: Leave Prescott mid-morning and drive to Tucson and camp in the desert north of the Border Crossing.
2/11: Nogales Border Crossing: Camp, San Carlos
2/12 and 13th: Alamos:
2/14: El Fuerte: El Fuerte in Spanish means, The Fort, and was founded in 1564.
2/15: Mazatlan-
2/16: Overland Route to Guanajuato
2/17: Guanajuato
2/19: Dolores Hidalgo to San Miguel de Allende to Teotihuacan
2/20: SW of Veracruz at the Gran Hotel de France, Orizaba
2/21: Yucatan-
2/22: Yucatan
2/23: 25 Xcalak (Costa de Cocos)Fly fishing
2/26: Quintana Roo, Chacchoben Ruins
2/27: Enter Belize, Hummingbird preserve
2/28: Enter Guatemala!
3/1: Remote Jungle, Cival Maya Site, Camping
3/2: Tikal, Maya Site, Camping
3/3: Lake and Castillo De San Felipe
3/4: Antigua
3/5: Antigua
3/6: To the El Salvador Border, Cerro Verde Volacano
3/7: La Libertad
3/8: Hotel, near border with Honduras
3/9: Enter Honduras hotel en-route
3/10: Enter Nicaragua, stay in Leon
3/11: Camping at Mayasa Crater.
3/12: Lake Nicaragua, Camping
3/13: Trip to Ometepe Island
3/14: Border Crossing into Costa Rica, camp at Delfin RV park, just outside of Liberia. N10 39.44, W85 28.16
3/15: Travel to Lake Arenal
3/16: Lake Arenal, Arenal Volcano
3/17: Beach Camping, near Heradura (Playa Tamarindo)
3/18: Rafiki Safari Lodge
3/19: Rafiki Safari Lodge - Bushmaster safari
3/20: Rafiki Safari Lodge
3/21: Guayabo National Monument - The lost city of Guayabo
3/21: Guayabo National Monument
3/22-3/23: Beach Camping, Caribbean coast Puerta Viejo, Manzanillo
3/24: Enter Panama at Frontera, Hotel in Tole
3/25: Travel to the Panama Canal and Panama City.
3/26: Day tour of the Canal and City
3/27: Drive to the Darien
3/28: Return to Panama City
3/29: Shipping Logistics
4/3: Return to Prescott