Expedition Equipment

Below is our list of equipment sourced specifically for this expedition. Central America does present a unique set of variables for the vehicle-dependent traveler, including rain, high humidity, deep mud, malaria, questionable water sources and limited food/equipment infrastructure.
Equipment and Modifications to EarthRoamer XV-JP
2008 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon The Rubicon is one a few modern vehicles available in the US for expedition travel
EarthRoamer XV-JP Conversion Over eight weeks on the road - A dry, comfortable bed and shower is a welcome addition
AEV Bull-Bar Bumper Provides protection for animal strikes and to mount a 12v winch
Warn 9000i 12v Winch

Jungle tracks will require extensive recovery and trail maintenance (fallen trees, etc.)

Viking Offroad Synthetic Winch Line Nothing competes with synthetic line for safety, light weight and tread lightly
Lightforce 240 HID Driving Lamps Lightweight, durable and the low power consumption of HID
AEV Heat Reduction Hood High-quality stamped steel construction and improved engine cooling
AEV Snorkel Donaldson cyclone pre-filter and raised intake for dust and deep water
Kilby engine driven compressor High-output and robust construction will provide the required duty cycle and volume
Nth Degree Suspension System Tuned suspension and Bilstein shocks improve the ride and trail performance
JKS Suspension Hydraulic Jounce Shocks The weight of the EarthRoamer requires more robust compression damping and control
Total Vision System Camera System Three cameras and a video input to a 7" screen. Nose cam, observation cam and rear
Tuffy Security Products Steel Glove Box Allows the secure storage of documents
Tuffy Security Products Steel Center Console Tuffy's full center console, which will be fitted with Pelican foam for secure camera storage
Misch Overhead Shelf The Misch shelf is custom to the JK and adds useful and accessible storage for maps, etc.
AEV 17" Beadlock Wheels (5) One of the few DOT approved wheels on the market, and beadlocked for simple tire repair
Go Rhino! Xtreme hitch step Greatly eases access to the camper
There are dozens more components in the EarthRoamer conversion. Additional information is available here
SPOT: Satellite Personal Tracker  
Surefire L1 LumaMax  
DeLorme PN-40 Handheld GPS  
Apple 15" MacBook Pro: Aperture and Final Cut  
Apple iPhone, international calling and data plans Used for nearly all phone communications, music library and back-up document storage
Verizon Aircard  
(5) Western Digital Passports ~ 2TB total  
Personal Equipment
Just as a comment, people typically bring way too much clothing for adventure travel. Buy high-quality, quick drying gear that folds up compact. Use layers for warmth and a single technical shell jacket with a liner, and one that is breathable. Breathable also typically means quick drying, so when you do laundry every few days, clothes dry over night, even in humid environments - avoid cotton. Often overlooked, but extremely important is underwear and socks; again, avoid cotton and get quick drying options.

I have used nearly all brands of quality travel clothing, and ExOfficio just works for me, so I keep it simple get nearly everything from them. Simms makes some high-quality shirts and jackets too. I use Columbia shells with liners for all-weather jackets. I stopped buying North Face gear years ago when it began consistently underperforming. This list is just for segment two, Central America.
ExOfficio Cruz'r Travel Shoe Comfortable and casual. Great for driving and most adventure travel
ExOfficio Reef Runner Waterproof Shoe All about the rivers and beaches. I will give them a good test on the Rafiki Lodge trek
ExOfficio Insect Shield Baja Shirt (2)  
ExOfficio Insect Shield Ambush Pants  
ExOfficio Insect Shield Convertible Pants  
ExOfficio Boxers (3) You don't need that many, but fortunately the pack small. Three seems perfect
ExOfficio and Smartwool Socks (4 total) Two Insect Shield Pro Ankle, one Vented Hiker and a thick pair of Smartwool hikers
ExOfficio V-Neck (1) and Short-Sleeve (2) Tee Shirts  
Columbia Titanium shell with liner I have used this jacket for years, even up in the Arctic.
Swim Trunks  
Flip Flops I don't even remember the brand - Baja tested and approved
Lucky Brand 181 Denim Jeans For when khaki is not the new black... Made in U.S.A.
Camera Equipment
Olympus E-3 10mp Digital SLR Compact and light, the E-3 is weatherproof and HD in construction. Our first departure from the Canon brand. Integrated image stabilization improves image quality for all lenses
FL-50R Electronic Flash Unit
Remote Cable Release (RM-CB1)  
Flash Dome Diffuser  
Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm, F4-5.6 Super-wide zoom for the 2:1 magnification factor of the sensor. (18-35mm equiv.)
Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm, F2.8-3.5 Super-Telephoto, and ready for the chance for a Jaguar or Howler Monkey
Zuiko Digital ED 50mm F2.0 Macro Portraits and fire ants await!
E-520 Digital SLR This will be Stephanie's primary camera, and the unit we use on extended treks.
Zuiko Digital 14-45mm F3.5-5.6 A light, compact zoom (28-90mm equiv.)
Zuiko Digital 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 Small and light for an 80-300mm equiv. lens
Manfrotto Tripod  
Pelican Products 0940 Memory Card Case Takes four ScanDisc III CF Cards
Pelican Products 1510 Camera Case (main storage)  
Sand Storm Canvas Camera Case (portable) This is a classic piece of kit, and it well used and weathered and stealthy
Two HD video cameras with solid state memory  
Additional HDV memory cards, ScanDisc III SDHC CalTape provided us with six ScanDisc III SDHC cards for the trip. Thanks Dave!
Camping Equipment
Vehicle Support Equipment