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Contact Information:
Chris Marzonie
Prescott, Arizona


Expedition Consultant: Chris Marzonie

Adventure Experience:

Geothermal exploration & research, Arizona & New Mexico (1995-1999)
Unsupported, four-month expedition - entire Baja Peninsula (2000)
Exploration of the lower Colorado River and it's tributaries by canoe and on foot (2001, 2002)
Unsupported, vehicle exploration of the Sierra Madre Occidental (Apache & Mining history expeditions) (2003, 2005)
Desert Rage Adventure Racing for Team Baja (2004)
Unsupported Trek across the Altar Desert (2005)
Driver, Nevada Trophy (2005)
Navigator for unupported vehicle and foot exploration of northern Thailand (2005)

... and hundreds of other adventures!

Professional Consultant & Product evaluator:

Having conducted countless self-supported adventures and many expeditions using various modes of transportation, including vehicles, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, and on foot, Chris can offer advice and ideas to anyone that is planning an adventure of their own. Product evaluation has also been a constant part of his curriculum over the years. Vehicle-dependent adventures and expeditions are a favorite, and he has spent considerable time and research exploring ways to maximize efficiency and minimize compromises.

Other Experience:

Fire Protection design and engineering.

Other Interests:

Adventure Travel
Hiking & Backpacking
History & Archaeology
Mountain Biking
Paddling (canoes & kayaks)
Rock Climbing
Wilderness Survival Skills
Off-Road and Rally racing
Graphic Arts