3/5/2007-Mobil 1 becomes the Title Sponsor of the Expedition 4/11/2007- Scott, final entry
3/4/2007- Chris and Scott install the laptop mount, etc. 4/11/2007- The end of the trip

3/2/2007- Chris orders the ultimate balaclava

4/10/2007- What worked
2/28/2007- Sirius Radio signs on as a new sponsor 4/10/2007- A word on personal gear

2/25 and 2/26: Tire chains, wind gauge, and a few new additions

4/4/2007- Moab

2/19/2007- Chris revises calendar, talks about "warm stuff"

4/3/2007- Some thoughts on Adventure Driving

2/12/2007- Scott discusses the latest truck preps

4/2/2007- Snow Birds

2/11/2007- Chris revises the calendar

3/30/2007- Bobsledding the Cassiar

2/9/2007- Scott talks about fitting tires and a BFH

3/29/2007- Remote Ice

2/9/2007- Chris introduces a new sleeping bag

3/26/2007- Lands End, we made it!

2/7/2007- Scott talks about technologies aid to explorers

3/25/2007- Overlanding arctic style

2/6/2007- Scott introduces the concept of the Arctic trip

3/24/2007- The Three Musketeers - First Video Update

2/6/2007- Chris introduces himself and his passion for exploration

3/24/2007- Toasty warm in Inuvik
  3/23/2007- Enter the Arctic
  3/21/2007- Incommunicado
  3/19/2007- The Great White North
  3/19/2007- Click for our current position at 2pm
  3/18/2007- Ice Climbing
  3/17/2007- Oh Canada
  3/16/2007- American Expedition Vehicles
  3/15/2007- Montana

3/13/2007- On the road!