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The Black Rat Recovery Kit
Vehicle Expeditions West: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
Vendor Extreme Outback Products
P.O. Box 3075
Vacaville,CA. 95696
Toll Free: 1-866-447-7711
Direct Line: 1-707-447-7711
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Part The Black Rat Recovery Kit With Bag

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Overall Rating
Weight 15.8 kg (35 lbs.)

Recovery Equipment:

Traveling unsupported off-highway requires equipment and experience to extricate your vehicle from a myriad of immobilizing situations, including sand, mud, crossed axle terrain, high centering, etc.

The Black Rat Recovery kit allows efficient access to your recovery gear, containing most required equipment in a high visibility, well organized unit.

The complete kit (note: Constrictor Strap not included)
Kit Contents
HD Work Gloves: High visibility (great for spotting), insulated (muli-blend) gloves with pig skin leather palms and fingers, and bright orange vinyl backs. Long cuffs with an elastic wrist closure (storm cuff) prevents debris from entering the gloves.
30' Snatch Strap: This Black Rat snatch strap is 30'x2", and is designed with a 22% stretch for semi-kinetic recovery. This strap cannot be used as a tow strap, as towing a vehicle for even a few miles will destroy the straps elasticity. The ends are looped and include a wear sleeve. This is an 8000 kg (20,000 lb.) rated strap.

3/4" Bow Shackles: The kit includes two 3/4" 4.7 ton shackles with 7/8" threaded cross shafts. They are high visibility yellow, which is a nice detail (especially in snow and mud). The shackles have good interior volume (because they are bow and not D shackles), and can fit larger tow strap loops.

The threaded cross shaft (screw pin) is really the only negative I found of the kit, as I prefer a cross shaft (pin) that uses a hair pin cotter. The threaded cross shafts can be difficult to loosen and the threads can clog with sand/mud/etc. requiring the use of a tool to break the shaft free. But, that is more of a personal preference than a negative, and the cross shaft does have a hole in the end for using a screw driver or similar to loosen the threads if stuck.

Tree Protector: The tree protector is a 10 foot strap with a 30,000 lb. breaking strength. The 10' length is a nice feature, as most tree protectors are six or eight feet in length. The tree protector also features fully sleeved eyes for wear protection. The strap also features a wear indicator that will identify if the strap has been overloaded. This is the highest quality and best designed tree protector I have used.
10' of Chain: Another great feature of the kit is the included cadmium plated chain. The chain provides another method for securing around the vehicles frame, bumpers, etc., that could damage a nylon strap. There are three chain ends included: Grab hook, slide hook and lug link. This 5/16" grade 70 chain has a working load limit of 2,130 kg (4,700 lbs.) and an ultimate breaking strength of 8,530 kg (18,800 lbs. )
Pulley Block: This (8,000 kg.) 17,500 lb. snatch block is the jewel of the kit, and is of excellent quality. The pulley is powder coated and will accept a 3/8" cable. The scissor body is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The cross shaft is held in place with a hair pin cotter and includes a recessed zirk grease fitting for lubricating the pulley on the shaft. The off-road block is stored in it's own protective case.
Ratchet Strap: The kit includes a utility ratchet strap; uses are limitless on the trail. The main reason the 15' strap is included in the kit is for reseating a tire on the rim. Running the strap around the centerline of the tires width and tightening will force the tires bead against the rim seat, aiding in creating a seal for reseating the tire.

This is a high quality kit, and contained in one, efficient to access bag. Several of the other kits on the market use one big canvas bag, which requires digging for items. I have used all of the gear over the last few months and have had no failures. One of the features that really stood out in use was the strap's looped ends with the tight wear sleeves. They are much easier to fit in shackles and on the hooks of vehicles.