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The Constrictor Strap
Vehicle Expeditions West: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
Vendor Extreme Outback Products
P.O. Box 3075
Vacaville,CA. 95696
Toll Free: 1-866-447-7711
Direct Line: 1-707-447-7711
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Part# 957006 1"x20' (double layered)

Breaking Strength- 30,000lbs.
Working Load Limit- 10,000lbs.

Breaking Strength- 20,000lbs.
Working Load Limit- 6,600lbs.

Stretch at load limit: 18-20%

Costs are subject to change, verify pricing with vendor

Overall Rating
Payload Impact (1,395 for stock vehicle) 1.25 kg (2.75 lbs.)

Recovery Equipment:

Traveling unsupported off-highway requires equipment and experience to extricate your vehicle from a myriad of immobilizing situations, including sand, mud, crossed axle terrain, high centering, etc.

As with all heavily laden expedition vehicles, it is important to consider the weight of every system, including recovery gear. This constrictor strap is very compact, measuring less than 12"x1" when rolled, and only weighing 2.75 lbs. With its ability to connect to a vehicle or recovery point without a shackle, the weight savings and efficiency is even greater.

1"x20' Constrictor Strap
Using the Constrictor Strap

The first step is to unfurl the strap in the direction of the tow vehicle (for a vehicle to vehicle recovery), and begin the process of weaving the strap through the first of five slots.


the weaving process continues as the end is fed through each position. Both ends of the strap have loops, so it is only necessary to weave the strap if you are wrapping a frame, or solid loop recovery point, etc.
The weaving process is completed by looping the remaining end back through slot five. This process took no longer than connecting a shackle.
The completed process shown here. As tension is applied to the strap, the loop slots tighten against the force, further tensioning the system, and preventing the strap from coming undone.
Production quality is excellent, with full length bind stitching and high quality nylon. It is important to not leave the strap in the sun for extended periods, as the UV light, will degrade the fibers of the strap and its strength.
The strap also comes with an abrasion sleeve, for use around sharp frame corners, etc. Always inspect the strap for fiber damage, thread separation, and fading.

Caring for the strap:

Straps should never be left stored wet, as mildew will develop and damage the strap. All dirt, sand and other contaminants should be washed from the strap immediately after the trip. Remove heavy soiling with a hose, and then wash the strap in a washing machine with cold water and woolite. Always air dry the strap, as the heat of a dryer will damage the nylon. Store the strap in the supplied ziplock bag to prevent soiling, fluid spills, etc.


The constrictor is a great tool, as it can be used without a shackle, and is very compact. It makes a perfect tree strap and winch extension to rated load. I was most impressed with the quality and attention to detail in the packaging. The wear sleeve and integrated storing loop are great additions.

The strap is also available in a 2"x20' with a straight working load of 13,200 lbs. for larger vehicles.