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The NoLoss Valve Cap
Vehicle Expeditions West: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
Vendor Extreme Outback Products
P.O. Box 3075
Vacaville,CA. 95696
Toll Free: 1-866-447-7711
Direct Line: 1-707-447-7711
FAX 1-707-447-7722
Cost $11.95
Costs are subject to change, verify pricing with vendor
Overall Rating
Payload Impact (1,395 for stock vehicle) Nominal
Installation Time : 6-10 Minutes
Difficulty: (easy, moderate, difficult) Easy
Specialty Tools Required: None

An expedition vehicles tires is the one component of the truck that is always in contact with the trail, and as such receives the most abuse and repair. We are constantly adjusting tire pressure to suite the terrain, adding and removing air several times in a trek. To ease deflation, I often remove the valve core to speed pressure drop. I wanted a better secondary seal to valve failure or leakage, and found the NoLoss valve cap sold by Extreme Outback Products.

The NoLoss Cap Provides several benefits:

1. Leak Protection: The NoLoss caps are constructed of one piece machined brass bar stock, with an ID cut thread and OD roll knurled finish. At the base of the ID, the cap has a high quality O-ring seal. The thread tolerance and seal quality allow the cap to retain tire pressure even if the valve core is damaged or missing. I tested the caps by pulling the valve core and using only the NoLoss cap to retain pressure. after 12 hours the tire had still retained its pressure, and using a soap solution, no leaks were evident.

2. Loss Protection: It is typical while airing down or up the tire to set the valve cap on top of the tire or in your pocket, etc., making them subject to loss. The NoLoss caps have a plastic retaining strap, which connects the valve cap to the valve body threads. When unscrewed, the cap simply springs out of the way and is easily available for reconnection.


Installing The NoLoss Caps

Remove the old plastic valve caps.

Install the NoLoss caps by taking the plastic straps open end and pushing it over the tires valve stem threads. I would recommend only pushing it a few threads deep.


The next step is to screw the plastic strap on clockwise the remainder of the threads until the strap bottoms at the thread base.
Fold the strap over by grabbing the brass cap by its knurled finish. Screw the cap onto the valve threads. The cap should only be tightened with finger pressure. Never use tools to tighten the cap.
Complete the process at the three remaining wheels. With that, the installation is finished.

The NoLoss caps are a great solution to valve core failure, and are very reasonably priced. I have had no issues with failure, and installation was simple as advertised.