Piezo Alarm Disable

The Toyota Tacoma, 4runner and others come with a remote entry alarm as an option, which makes it easy to unlock one or more doors of the vehicle from many feet away, and precludes the requirement of using the key to unlock the vehicle. While this is by no means a necessary option, it does provide for convenience and the option of a panic feature that can be activated from 10-15 meters away from the truck, causing the lights to flash and the horn to sound.

One undesirable option of this system (In my opinion) is that the truck sounded the locking or unlocking of the doors with a high pitched piezo buzzer / alarm that chirps once for the door locking and twice for the door unlocking. I have found a few issues with this:

1. In remote areas with wildlife, near other campers or at hiking parking areas i do not like the unnecessary noise.

2. In other countries, where this type of technology and noise is not common, it attracts unnecessary attention to the vehicle and occupants. You don't really want to announce the presence of a 20k+ dollar vehicle with thousands of dollars in modifications.

3. The general annoyance of the "chirper". I didn't like the high pitched chirp, so it had to go...

Disabling the piezo is very easy. Some models of 4runner have a more sophisticated system that allows you to disable the piezo with a series of actions, like inserting the key into the ignition, and pushing a pattern of entries into the key fob. I have not been able to find that capability for the Tacoma keyless entry, so I elected for a more direct solution.

Vehicle Expeditions West: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
Installation Time : 15 minutes or less
Difficulty: (easy, moderate, difficult) Easy
Specialty Tools Required: None
Location of harness and piezo

Locate the piezo buzzer and harness connector on the drivers side, between the inner fender and the battery. It is somewhat of a tight fit to put your hand between the battery and fender. Locate the harness, which has a small tab on the female connector (closest to the firewall). Push the tab down and slide the male connector out.

Disconnected Harness

After disconnecting the two connectors, you will need to cover them with electric tape to prevent dirt and other contaminates from causing damage. The entire system still functions properly with the exception of the piezo. The panic function still works the horn and lights and the doors still function as before. The lights will still flash once when the doors are unlocked, and twice when locked.

You should perform a functional check of all actions to ensure the system is still working properly.

Impressions This is a very easy mod, but one not well documented on the net. I feel that it is important to limit noise and distraction when outdoors for the benefit of others and the animals in the area.