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Securing Items in the Cab
Vehicle Expeditions West: 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD
End of the Road, inc.
1209 Beddington Pk.
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 828-2600
Overall Rating
Payload Impact (1,395 for stock vehicle) Nominal
Installation Time : 10-15 Minutes
Difficulty: (easy, moderate, difficult) Easy
Specialty Tools Required: None

While often overlooked, securing all items in the cab of the vehicle is a critical safety measure for the OHV traveler. During a roll-over or impact, all of the stationary, but unsecured objects within the vehicle become a "missile" hazard. Fire Extinguishers, flashlights, cameras, recovery gear, etc. are all very dangerous to the occupants in an accident.

During my recent visit to SEMA, I had a good discussion with End of the Road, inc. who sells HD molded, one piece rubber clamps. They sent several sizes for evaluation and I am more than impressed with the result.

End of the Road currently sells two sizes: The 13-76mm diameter Quick Fist, and the 76-178mm Diameter Super Quick Fist

The Super Quick Fist: 76-176mm (3"-7") Diameter
Mounting Base Measurement: 152x22mm (6"x7/8")
Will support 23 Kg. (50 lbs.) per strap
The Quick Fist: 13-76mm (1/2"-3") Diameter
will support 10 Kg. (22 lbs.)
Securing a mag light to the driver and passenger seats

Broken Mag-light clamp
I had originally secured the lights to the seat sides using the clamps made by mag-light. These clamps quickly broke in real world use. I was on a challenging trail with the vehicle high up on a rock, which required me to slide out of the seat, which snapped the fragile plastic. The Quick Clamp brackets are molded rubber and will deflect and stretch, rather than breaking.

Original Mag light mounts

The first step was to remove the broken mag-light mount and measure the spacing required for the 4 cell mag light.
The Quick Clamps are installed using a supplied plastic washer and a #10 screw. The plastic washer fits into a molded groove in the clamp and provides greater contact surface for mounting strength. Everything fits tight and is of great quality.
It is important to make sure the clamps are positioned to the back of the seat rails to allow for clearance with the door closed. The 2001+ Tacoma's have a larger integrated speaker housing in the doors, and the flashlight must sit rearward of the speaker with the door closed. I installed the brackets on both the drivers and passenger side.

Securing a 5lb fire extinguisher to the B-pillar

Shortly after purchasing my double cab Tacoma, I removed the rear seat to allow for the installation of my 42l Engel Fridge. I also needed a good place to secure my 5lb ABC extinguisher, so I chose the b-pillar, just behind the driver seat. The bottom of the extinguisher is resting on the carpet, which makes the mounting even more secure. I used two Super quick fist's. I will likely trim the straps in the future.

The Quick Fist was a great find for my application, and I am very impressed with the quality and value of the product. The clamps can also be used to secure high lift jacks, C02 bottles, shovels, etc.