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Vendor: Engel USA
I wanted an effective mount for my 42 Engel or ARB Freezer/Fridge Refrigerator, that would allow access to the unit from the passenger seat. The Trooper is used exclusively for Expedition travel, so the need for a for rear seat isn't required. This location doesn't affect the generous rear cargo area, or the floor behind the front seats. It also keeps the Fridge closer to the HVAC for better cooling in summer.

First you need to mount the low profile Slide-n-Lock rail. This will allow you to slide out the ring and still use the 60 of the 60/40 rear seat. You have to remove the dark silver plate in the right of the image

I welded two nuts to the underside of the plate to allow for easier mounting, as the underside of the plate cannot be accessed while installed.

Here is the plate installed

With the nuts welded in place, it is easy to mount the Slide-N-lock rail. This rail is available from the High-lift company. Part number SWR07S 7".

Here is the Engle 42 Fridge mounted with heavy turnbuckles available for most hardware stores. The fridge is really locked in place

I needed to fabricate a bracket for the other side to mount to, which will allow usage of the smaller folding rear seat. In addition, there is a shallow plastic storage bin on that side of the fridge that would not take the load of the rail solution. I used 1/16" x 3/4" flat for the bracket.
This shows the completed bracket with the holes drilled, chamfered, and sleeved with shrink tubing. This will prevent scratches to other cargo.
Here is the bracket installed. It bolts to the sheet metal floor
The turnbuckle installed. I used shrink tubing to cover the ends of the turnbuckle that touched the fridge to prevent damage to the finish of these expensive units.

This shows how the seat works with the fridge installed. Plenty of room!

This shows how much of the floor is available in front of the fridge.

The amount of storage available in the Trooper is amazing!

Within the last year, Engel has released a few innovative solutions for mounting the fridge line:

Transit Slide Lock: This is a great solution for applications like shown above, and would not require the extensive fabrication

Engel Slide: This is a heavy duty slide solution, which provides significant benefit to wagon owners and fridges mounted in compartments. I have seen this slide in person at SEMA, and there is no rattles. It uses heavy duty sealed roller bearing to bear the load.