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Thule and Con-Ferr Rack Install

The Trooper has excellent interior load space with over 90 cubic feet of storage to the front seats. But, as explorers, we always need to haul bulky equipment that cannot fit inside the vehicle. It is important to limit rack loads to light, bulky items, so as not to raise the center of gravity too high. Racks are not the best solution if you can fit everything inside the vehicle, or on a light trailer.

In our case, we wanted to bring a 13.5' Wilderness kayak on our trips to Mexico and California. I wanted to allow for a long, narrow rack to put light items inside the North Face Base Camp duffle's I recently purchased.

Rack Installation


Thule Parts-
Thule Hull-a-Port Kayak Rack (835)
Thule QuickDraw Ratcheting boat straps (855)
Thule Aero Foot (400)
Thule Cable Lock (538)
Thule 58" Load Bars (LB58)
Thule Fit Kit (191)

Con-Ferr Parts-
6" Portal Rack, Fully welded 3'x5'

The Thule load bars needed to be drilled to accept the rack. The rack was offset to one side to allow for the Kayak rack, or other accessory mounts to be used.

The Aero feet and fit kit provides a clean and secure mount to the vehicle.
Rear mount location. I pushed the mounts as far to the front and rear as possible to allow for the best support for the 13.5' Kayak. There is 48" between the load bars.
Here is a view of the mount for the Hull-a-Port kayak cradle
The Hull-a-Port installed
A view of the Hull-a-Port from the front
The kayak mounted using the supplied Thule straps. The kayak is very secure.
View from the front of the vehicle. The Hull-a-Port pads provide great protection for the finish of the kayak and help to prevent the boat from sliding or rattling.
Impressions All of the Thule parts are well engineered and crafted. My preference has always been for the Thule racks because of their quality and durability. The kayak remained very secure on my local test track despite its length and weight. The small rack will be perfect for a low profile action packer and the North Face bags