EarthRoamer® to Build Expeditions West’s Next Expedition Vehicle

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Prescott, Arizona (04/08/08) – After a year of careful consideration, Expeditions West is pleased to announce that they have selected the EarthRoamer XV-JP™ as their next expedition vehicle.

“We’re very excited” said Scott Brady, Expeditions West’s owner and CEO, “After looking at all of the available options, no other platform was able to incorporate the complete living support systems required for our half-year expedition to South and Central America while retaining the compact dimensions and extreme trail performance we enjoyed with the Tacoma project.”

Expeditions West has several remote and challenging routes planned in the Atacama Desert, the rugged mountain tracks in Bolivia, the Jungles of Guatemala and the coast of Colombia that will require the capabilities of the XV-JP platform.  The base capability requirement was for the Expeditions West camper was to be able to cross the famous Rubicon Trail.  In September of 2007, Scott Brady and Chris Marzonie were able to pilot an XV-JP through the length of the Rubicon without issue, becoming the first production camper to ever cross the Rubicon. This extreme terrain performance requirement eliminated all other production campers from consideration.

"We’ve collaborated with Scott and the team at Expeditions West on several projects in the past” said Bill Swails, EarthRoamer founder, co-owner and Chief Designer, “we’re very pleased to build their next vehicle, and continue our partnership far into the future.”

Expeditions West will further modify the XV-JP with a custom suspension system, larger tires and wheels along with extensive recovery equipment and trail protection.  Additional customizations will include satellite data/voice communication and MAC based navigation.

About Expeditions West

Expeditions West is an adventure and marketing services company located in Prescott, Arizona, providing professional drivers, product consulting and testing, and editorial content to the outdoor and automotive industries.

Expeditions West's next adventure is a 20,000 mile circumnavigation of South America and north traverse of Central America and Mexico, planned for Winter/Spring 2009. For more information on becoming a title sponsor of Expeditions West and to learn more about our product promotion and testing services, please contact us.

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About EarthRoamer

Founded by a pair of engineers with a thirst for adventure, EarthRoamer is in its sixth year designing, building and selling the only fully self-contained expedition vehicles in North America.  Built in Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, EarthRoamer allows adventurers to travel far from the beaten path in unparalleled safety and comfort.  More information is available at

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