Rating Guides:

I: Trail Rating Guide- Use the Expeditions West trail rating guide to prepare for adventures available on our website

II: Vehicle Rating Guide- An overview of available vehicles and the maximum trail rating recommended in an unmodified/stock condition.

III: Brush Rating Guide- For determining the severity of brush as rated in the expedition guides.

IV: Scenery Rating Guide- Understanding our definition of a scenic location.

Traveling in Mexico:

I: Baja Travel Requirements- Overview of required documentation and general regulations

II: USDA Reentry Requirements- Coming back into the US from Mexico, prohibited items

Read book, video and guide reviews for expedition and adventure resources. Most of these resources are available for purchase through our Overland Video Division
Southern Arizona Nature Almanac By J&R Hanson Desert Driving, by Chris Scott LB Maps, Baja Base Maps
  Getting UNStuck, By Bill Burke  
  Getting PREpared, By Bill Burke  

These technical papers are written by Expeditions West staff members.

Master Expeditions West Equipment List
Basic Vehicle dependent camping list

Overland Journal: The worlds first vehicle-dependent expedition publication, featuring overland 4wds, adventure motorcycles and inspiring adventures.

Mexico Maps: Mark Walker has been a long-time supporter of Expeditions West, and was instrumental in providing maps and logistics support for our Sierra Madre traverse. Mexico Maps carries paper and digital topo's, road atlas', GPS maps and GPS units.

Expedition Portal: The first website and forum dedicated to vehicle dependent expedition travel in North, Central and South America.

Desertnewcomer.com- The site is run by Jonathan and Roseann Hanson; accomplished writers for Outside, NG Adventure, Sunset and others. They have a series of books on the Southwest, including a comprehensive almanac on the nature of the Southwest deserts. They are also active in the preservation of the Sierra Pinacate and Altar Desert, which is a favorite exploration area for Expedition's West.

Turtle Expedition- Follow Gary and Monika Wescott on their travels around the world. I have spent time with these wonderful people, and they are fantastic adventurers and intrepid travelers.

Bajataco.com - Chris has built a fantastic example of a Toyota Tacoma used for expedition travel

Sharon Unlimited - Sharon is a great friend, and makes some incredible jewelry.
Description: Unique jewelry-making components and gemstone beads for jewelry artists online featuring artisan-crafted sterling clasps, charms, earring tops, buttons, soft flex, vintage sari bags and other nice things.

Notes from the Road - Erik Gauger have a wonderfully humorous writing style and incredible photographs shot with a large format Toyo AX and a single 75mm Schneider f4.5 lens. Erik has great photographs of remote and rarely documented areas throughout the southwest.

Toyota Expedition - Brian has built a solid axle Toyota Truck into a great expedition rig. His travels are concentrated in the PNW, including a focus on the lost mines and ghost towns.

Royal Geographic Society - A fantastic expedition resource

Outback USA- books & videos to scenic and historic locations in the Rocky Mountain states. Larry Heck is a very accomplished traveler, and has explored many of the longer treks that we have. He is a long time expedition enthusiast, and a great resource!

Badlands Off-Road Adventures- I have spent time with Tom, and he is an excellent resource for training in Southern California. He is a Tread Lightly Master trainer, and specializes in providing new and inexperienced SUV and 4WD owners with the information and expertise required to safely & confidently drive off-highway.

Frogs Island 4x4- A great resource for overland preparation and support in the UK. They service all makes and specialize in vehicle dependent travel outfitting.


Interesting calculator page:
Includes engine cfm requirements, etc.
Lacks a few key 4wd calculations

Australian 4wd Gearing, etc. Calculator:
Some results are expressed in KPH. Multiply the result by .621 to get MPH.