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The Mexico traveler most often concern themselves with regulations and laws within Mexico, but there are specific regulations that must be adhered to upon re-entering the US. One of the most commonly overlooked requirements is the regulations imposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mexican Border: U.S. Agriculture Quarantine Information

For reentry into the US (Prohibited Items):

Fruits and Vegetables-

All fruits not listed below are prohibited, sugarcane is prohibited. Potatoes are prohibited.

Plants, Seeds and Soil-

Plants and seeds require special permits.

Meat and Game-

Pork, raw or cooked is prohibited (unopened, canned, cooked pork is ok)
Poultry, raw is prohibited
Game- check in advance with AG Inspectors


Prohibited unless fully cooked

Live Birds-

Prohibited, unless personally owned pets


All straw, seeds, animal feed AND articles made from these materials



Fruits and Vegetables-

Most berries, bananas, cactus fruits, dates, grapes. Avocados without the seed are permitted (except in CA)


Most nuts are permitted. Coconuts are permitted without husks or milk.


Contact Information:

Complete Fruit and Vegetable list from USDA