Scenic Value Rating

This rating is of course very subjective, as beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. However, we always try to visit the most appealing locations, as we have a great love for photography and a great view! This is a basic overview:

1 Not really worth the trip. Likely to be very barren (and not in a good way), or littered with trash and other human environmental damage.
2 Better than staying home, but scenery is marginal, and does not yield great photographs or views
3 A nice place, with decent vistas and either views of mountains, ocean, or other interesting features
4 Beautiful views with striking features and likely to have major points of interest, green trees, lakes, and other natural displays of note.
5 Will leave you breathless, and your camera shaking in your hand. Very few places are given this rating, and are exceptionally special and memorable.