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Reviewed by Scott Brady, Expeditions West

Photo by Chris Marzonie, Expeditions West
Vendor Sahara Overland
Cost Available from Overland Video
Overall Rating

i rarely, if ever give an overall five star on a review, but I was so thoroughly entertained and informed by this video that I could not rate it otherwise. While not a high dollar production, Chris focuses on the key areas of review. Driving technique and recovery are the most critical aspects of desert driving, and sufficient time is spent on those subjects. I particularly enjoyed the recovery section, which shows actual recoveries using the high lift, exhaust jack, sand mats and sand plates. Great stuff!

Some time is spent on vehicle preparation and equipment, though it was more enjoyable as a review of these two characters vehicles. Navigation was also covered, but fortunately the time spent was minimal, as technology changes so rapidly anyway's.

When the technical piece was finished, I was a little unfulfilled. but, the video continues, feeding my appetite for adventure, showing Tobby Savage sitting near a camp fire, sharing his experiences with the video. A great story and completely entertaining.

The frosting on the cake came with several adventure segments. Loads of footage from the 2000 Algeria tour.


Dune Driving


Vehicle Preparation

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