Adventure Motorcycles are all about the "love". You have to ride what you most enjoy, or what most connects with your personality, or why else would you get soaking wet in the rain and fill your teeth with bugs? There is no bike on the planet that connect with me more than the KTM, and the 950/990 in particular. Not only is the 950/990 a world-class global adventure platform, it is also a thrill to ride on the street, dragging a knee on the twisties, or mount up a set of DOT knobbies and soft luggage and ride the Trans-America Trail.

I have modified my 1995.5 950 Adventure to suite three configurations:
1. Trail Riding: Aggressive Pirelli Scorpion Pro knobbies and no luggage
2. Adventure Touring: Pirelli MT-60 Dual-Sport Tires and Hepco and Becker Alu Standard Panniers
3. Expedition Touring: Continental TKC-80 Tires and Ortlieb or PacSafe Soft Luggage (technical terrain) or Hepco and Becker Alu Panniers

Additional modifications include:
1. Wide pegs from Tim Hilsammer (instructor, Overland Training)
2. Touratech 30mm bar risers
3. Wings Titanium Exhaust
4. Super Plush suspension
5. KTM Crash Bars